What we value with LOT handmade lures

We value everything from handmade lure design to material stocking to the final swimming test by one person. It is a so-called one-man maid that does not require human intervention.

Why stick to one-man maid

This is to reflect the originality of one's own thoughts, design ideas, movements, designs, and colors in the lure.Certainly, making lures in collaboration with others may lead to high quality lures due to the combination of work efficiency, cost performance, and specialty. However, I think that the more creators there are, the more difficult it is to pursue the originality that one aims for due to the dispersion of individual value scales during the production phase. Of course, the originality I aim for is not good for all evaluation scales. I think that the lure that has continued to cultivate silently reflects the builder's individuality strongly and leads to a charm that can not be found elsewhere.

What is the ideal to hold with a handmade lure?

It is a realization of the inspiration that you can catch such a lure at a fishing spot. In other words, the ideal handmade lure is a lure that you want to feel when you are fishing.

What is important to realize the ideal is

We value "feeling like a fish". I make handmade lures from the perspective of what kind of lure would be attracted to if I were a fish, and what kind of lure would I be able to deceive.

What is the ultimate lure that Satoshi Shiose thinks?

In a word, it is a lure that embodies "functional beauty". A beautiful lure is great, and a good lure is beautiful. For example, a loveless knife, a Japanese sword, or a building made by a carpenter is not just beautiful. There, essential functions that have not faded even after many years continue to exist today. I would like to make products that establish such functional beauty, and I would like to continue to create lures that pursue functional beauty that does not fade over the years.

Finally, about the fun of fishing with handmade lures

By watching and touching the handmade lures, I think that you can fish while feeling the warmth of the lures and the sensitivity of the builders.Handmade lures are not basically making lures that sell. At the root of this is the builder's pursuit of fishing ideals. Therefore, each builder creates his or her own thoughts for each lure, and the individuality of the builder is embodied in the lure. The lure completed by such a process reaches the person who holds the lure as the builder's thoughts (message). I think that fishing while feeling such feelings is a pleasure only possible with handmade lures.