Tuthinoko story

Ranker Killer Tsuchinoko

You can see that the oldest Tsuchinoko's right gill that I have is "62.5" (made in May 1987) with a pencil. It's the year when Tsuchinoko, another masterpiece of LOT that everyone knows, was born. The sign of LOT has not been entered yet, only shiose is on the left gills. The purpose of making this lure is because BT (Butterfly Top) is a pilot lure that can widely explore the water surface with various actions, but I wanted a long cast lure that can also aim for a pin spot. This bulky balsa plug is extremely buoyant, and its presentation on water is soft and there is little sinking, so it is also an essential lure for attacking shallows. Actually, the first model was not a pencil, but a single swisher model with a peller on the tail. This Tsuchinoko was something that I had a lot of fun thinking about at Lake Biwa. We tuned the market and released it as a pencil model, and there was a time when we sold the same number as BT. For many years, many people have seen that similar models of plugs have been released, perhaps because of the shaving design and the naming of "Tsutinoco", which makes us dream.

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