Chimney series

All new pencil popper

The new "Chimni-100" released by LOT Shiose is made with a long development time and various thoughts. The design that is unforgettable at first glance is the result of pursuing functional beauty that transcends the boundaries of real-world models. A reverse limple cup (chimney cup) that looks like a back fin or chimney on the back of the minnow. From there, the bubbles generated during jerk naturally entangle the entire minnow. In addition, a chimney cup with a balsa body that has been carved out is installed on the back of the head, which gives it a stable floating posture and the role of a sail that easily shakes spontaneously under the influence of waves and wind. Indeed, it is a new type of pencil popper that can also be expected to have a dead sticking effect that is also the final lure action. The chimney expresses the cup part, gills and body with one thick aluminum foil on each side. In addition, the gills and cups are LOT original embossed to remove the luster of aluminum and at the same time give a three-dimensional effect with fine irregularities

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