40 years of work experience Satoshi Shiose


Handmade has been started since 1980. In my lure named LOT (Lot is a lottery), the masterpiece BT series (butterfly top series) was completed in 1988. We would be happy if we could convey to everyone the excitement of the must-have top water minnow that was born and raised in Lake Biwa. Invite a wide variety of fish in addition to bass and trout with continuous action of pose, dive, slap and swing.
In the trout, trolling and minnowing at Motosu, Chuzenji, Lake Ashi, Sakamoto, Ikehara, Amine, Kuzuryu Dam, and in local Kyoto, taking advantage of the experience of mining in the mountain streams such as Miyama River, Kiyotaki River, Kamo River, land We also offer consultation on custom-made handmade products that reflect the fishing method of the land and atari needles. Thankfully, we have also provided designs and concepts to manufacturers.
The recent custom lures include the manure lure specialized for the spring cicada pattern of Lake Chuzenji and the Raden series C110F Mino specialized for muzzling. Private lures include night shells and whale whiskers used for trolling loquat.
Although it is intermittent, we try and make mistakes every day to preserve the charm and tradition of handmade products that are thin and long, so please take over.

Lure production memoir

I've been crazy about fishing since childhood. I was fascinated by the interaction that fish's life reaction appeared in a float. After that, I went to various fishing spots and met beautiful fish. In junior high and high school, you will learn about the existence of lure fishing. I kept my pocket money and continued to buy lures at a fishing tackle shop. When I was in college, I got a car license and went to Lake Biwa for a long time. At the same time, I was absorbed in making handmade lures. The days of trial and error, seeking a functional and beautiful lure, doing various fishing, and seeking a handmade lure that I was satisfied with. The completed BT series is the masterpiece of LOT. Through the experience of fishing, encounters with beautiful fish, and the research of many lures, BT was the moment when he could realize his ideal. When I performed a swimming test on the first BT prototype, I was moved and I was convinced that my feelings would reach the fish. Since then, I have been working on making handmade lures for 40 years, focusing only on making handmade lures that are convincing as anglers such as the BT series and the Tsuchinoko series.