Miyama SP

Miyama SP history

About 75 mm and about 6 g, slightly floating. This minnow, which floats about 60 degrees and wobbling action, was born when I was addicted to the minnowing of Amago at Miyama River, which is the origin of the Yura River in Kyoto Prefecture. According to the design book, it was designed on November 4, 1998, and after that, minor changes have been repeated, and although it is a small number every year, production continues to the present. In order to make it easier to lose balance with lateral eyes by twitching and poses, the standing angle lip inserted at about 65 degrees is designed to firmly stop, and invite fish from the surroundings and the riverbed in the water Will give you. The hook is set to # 14 triple and split # 1, but if the hook is lighter, such as barbless triple hook, there is no problem as long as the hook balance can be maintained. With regard to hooks, slow sinking can also be used if the hook has a specific gravity. When targeting Amago and Yamame, it is recommended to replace it with a barbless thin shaft hook. This hook has a very high wear rate, and it is necessary to check the hook at all times because the gap angle and points tend to be out of order, but the hooking rate will increase dramatically. Each hooker has his or her own preference for hooks, and it is fun to devise hooks according to the target fish and fishing spot. By the way, I use a fine line of nylon 4Lb or less and a small snap of # 0 to # 1 in a mountain stream, and a 7.0 to 7.5 foot trout spinning carbon rod (light action to medium light action) cardinal 33 to 44 class spinning reel. I love you.

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