History of LOT handmade lures


I want to convey the excitement of fishing

The LOT masterpiece BT (Butterfly Top) series. It was born in Lake Biwa, where the surface of the lake shines more than 30 years ago. When I was in my twenties at that time, when I suddenly looked at the mouth of Lake Biwa, there was a black bass chasing a baitfish. Hurry up and tie your own real aluminum kit (prototype) to the line and cast it and hit it at the same time as landing. After that, angry waves were caught and released. Anyone who loves fishing will be able to sympathize with the joy and excitement of that time. "I want to enjoy that excitement again. I want a lure that can catch more and does not damage the points." From such thoughts, I decided to pursue the path to search for lures. After a number of trials and errors, we decided to develop a top-type rear aluminum alloy, which is the base of the BT series.

More realistic movement, light and sound

Experience as a fisherman and detailed design are required to produce a weak baitfish on the surface of the water. Convulsions, struggles, flapping motions on the water surface (Motion), scale reflexes (Shine), and splash sounds (Sound).
"The movement, light, and sound unique to baitfish will be realized with a single handmade lure." With that in mind, I spent a lot of time trying to make mistakes.
As a result, in order to create unique movement and light, the shape of the minnow is intentionally designed to have a thin and unstable shape. For the sound, we adopted a splash sound rather than a rattle sound to bring it closer to a realistic sound.

Variant original lip BT

In addition, the development of a unique original lip that is the key to BT action. Conventionally, there was a top water plug with an aluminum lip, but there was a lure. Because of the opaque material of metal, we believe that it gives the fish an unnatural impression underwater. Therefore, LOT has developed a transparent lip with polycarbonate, which is the first handmade lure. This original lip, which is made by bending each hand by applying heat to the cut lip, has high transparency, It is also possible to create more realistic bait fish movements. Since the shape of the original lip looks like a butterfly, it has been loved by many anglers under the name Butterfly Top (BT).