About made to order

About production cost

The production cost will vary depending on the series, model, color and material of your desired handmade lure. Please let us know the lure you want to order by contacting us. We will tell you the production cost at a later date.

About production days

Because it is made-to-order by hand, the delivery date may not meet your request. We will contact you regarding the delivery date.

about shipping cost

Shipping fee is free in Japan.

About shipping

As a general rule, we will ship after confirming payment and transfer.
If you do not receive the item, please contact us.

Return and exchange

This item is a single item, and cannot be returned or exchanged unless the item is different, initial failure, shipping error, or damage.
Regarding the refund of the price, after confirming the returned luggage, we will transfer it to the bank.
In that case, the applicable unit price will be the price at the time of sale.
In addition, the transfer fee will be deducted from the price.

Application method

We accept orders through our online shop, E-mail (shiose@beach.ocn.ne.jp).

Query method

Please use the inquiry form or E-mail of our online shop.

Sales volume

From 1 point

Payment method

Bank transfer / Postal transfer

Return deadline

Returns are not made to order.

Made-to-order request